Unique customized WordPress websites with an optimal user experience


A website must be a good mix of information and action. We use our knowledge to bring all of this together so user-friendly. Through a logical structure and attractive design, for example, we ensure that visitors with a minimum number of clicks (clicks of the mouse) come to the information or action they are looking for.


Customized WordPress websites

Our Wordpress websites are always unique and focused on conversion.

Why Marknewbury.com design?

Our consultant, Sue Turner (simplyvirtual@mail.com) develops websites based on Wordpress. The reasons why we like WordPress are too many to mention here. Are you curious about that, then read our blog about it. The WordPress CMS is in any case very user-friendly, scalable and expandable with all desired functionality. Sue Turner sets up the management system in a unique way so that managing your information is very simple. WordPress is also an open source platform so you are not bound to an internet agency because of rules and licenses.



Why do we make websites?

Do what you like. There is nothing nicer for us to come up with than setting up unique customized online solutions that bring our customers further in achieving the organization's objectives. We combine our technical knowledge with the latest developments and trends in web design. In many cases, the first impression you leave behind is given by your website. That is why it is important to design a website that appeals to your target group and that suits you well. What suits you well? You know that best yourself. What is successful online (How you will become successful online) is something we know. That is why we work together with you on your online success.

Your new website

Every website has a specific purpose. Transferring your story to the visitor. But of course that is not all, your website is much more than just a communication channel. At the same time your Wordpress website is an online sales channel, you want the visitor to perform an action and experience a certain emotion with it. For this reason we always determine together with you which goals the website has and which call-to-actions must be added to the website, you can think of a call-back request, placing an information request via the contact form or placing a quote request.