Call Termination

The Perfect Voice Termination Fit for Your Business

Having interconnections with over 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms incumbents, we provide our customers with the best VoIP services available at the most competitive rates.

A prime telecom leader in its class, offers premium A-Z voice termination services to both landline and mobile destinations worldwide. From call centers and wholesale VoIP providers to small business and enterprises, delivers unrivaled voice call clarity at amazingly low costs.

SIP trunking

You may not be ready to move away from your existing traditional PBX system, however we can help you to start make the transition.

Reduce your business costs, switch from RDSI or ISDN to SIP Trunks.

Most legacy telephone switches are already IP enabled, allowing you to plug your internet connection straight into your system and benefit from SIP Trunks right away. With older systems that might not be IP enabled we can provide you with a gateway device which converts traditional ISDN lines to SIP. experienced engineers can recommend the right devices for your system and work with you to get it up and running.


  • Automatic diverts for business continuity
  • Geographically independent
  • Free On-net calling (SIP to SIP)
  • Run your calls over existing internet services
  • Business integration


  • Cheaper alternative to ISDN
  • You can use your existing phone system
  • Free SIP to SIP calls
  • Complete scalability
  • Future Proof